I know it's been like a gazillion years since I last posted, and my life has been kind of crazy the last few years, but things have finally gotten back on the right track.

I hadn't watched MFU in years and I recently started a rewatch - and it's been an interesting experience seeing it with essentially new eyes. I was afraid I wouldn't have the same love for it, but I find I love it just as much and with kind of a new perspective.

I hope to ease myself back into the MFU community and look forward to posting again more often.

Thank you!

Thank you so much for the birthday wishes and virtual presents. I hope you are all doing well in these troubled times. Though I haven't been able to participate in the fandom in some time, I have been able to occasionally enjoy some of your wonderful stories. I love this fandom and hope to be able to return to it in the future.

No Nipples!

I logged into Tumblr for the first time in months and discovered that half my posts were flagged under their new no porn rule. Shirtless 60s spies are now persona non grata. :D